Sarah Green

Sarah Green is an artist living and working in Vancouver, BC. She brings her experience illustrating children’s books into her painting practice to explore how art can tell stories and reconnect us to our inner child’s appreciation of the whimsical.


Sarah welcomed TAS into her studio, which was filled to the brim with her paintings. Stacks of in-progress works leaned against the walls, which were themselves lined with pieces of all shapes and sizes. Even more paintings were held in a storage closet off to the side, like the volumes held in the backrooms of a library.  


 “If you’re telling a story, that’s an illustration," Sarah told me.


To Sarah, story and illustration are inextricably connected. Each painting holds a narrative within itself, its plot unfolding as we look closer. She shared with me that stories have always been important to her. When she was younger, they were a source of inspiration and growth. Moving through adulthood, she aims to make art that keeps her connected to the growth they inspired in her younger self.  


An artist’s studio can tell you a lot about their practice. Sarah’s space was a whirlwind of whimsy, transporting me into a rich world of meaning and metaphor. Surrounded by her paintings, it was immediately apparent to me that Sarah Green is someone with many stories to tell.