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Lives and works in Vancouver, BC

Rachael Ashe creates hand-cut artwork and installation from paper inspired by visual patterns found in nature, and influenced by textile design and production. She is attracted to techniques that involve repetitive action as a form of meditation and devotional labour. She is curious to see how far a simple piece of paper can be sculpted and reformed as most of the surface is removed. Organic forms and geometric shapes are carved through an iterative and spontaneous method of freehand paper-cutting, moving in a rhythmic manner to allow the movement of her knife to flow intuitively.

Rachael is fascinated with repetition and explores this through the methods of hands-on making she is drawn to and the type of work she produces. Repetitive action is essential in developing a skill, building a muscle, creating a pattern, or strengthening focus and discipline. Reiterations of movement, of shape, of process, of the same daily actions and motions made as we move through our lives. Rachael believes life is made up of modest and quiet acts and events rather than a constant stream of excitement and novelty. Small marks, tiny actions that are part of a larger whole. The bigger piece, the grander picture of a life, does not exist without the small iterations that make up existence.

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