The Art Shop

(b. 1988 Spokane, Washington, USA)

Lives and works in Vancouver

Matt Hanns Schroeter is an artist whose work explores the intersection of identity, insecurities, sexuality and technology.

Matt’s artistic experience ranges across many mediums and styles that influence his practice today: graffiti, photojournalism, cinematography, animation, printmaking, painting, and illustration. Listening intently, welcoming diverse perspectives, and patiently allowing for ideas to grow—are values that have led Matt to work with the purpose of bringing joy into people’s lives. He's a big believer in positive community change, offering his creative skills to locally-focused non-profit and social impact organizations in Vancouver.

Matt's recent work focuses on bringing his digitally illustrated patterns to sculptures, installations, and performances. Starting in 2018, he began experimenting with laser cutting and CNC production for Rainbow Reflector, an installation at Vancouver's annual Pride festival. In 2019, he experimented further by creating and exhibiting Flow State, his first hand-made wood sculpture from reclaimed materials. After working with reclaimed materials, Matt has been focused on producing work with minimal environmental impact. He continues his practice today at Soft Hands Studio, an artist collective and studio based in downtown Vancouver.