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(b.1995, Vancouver, BC)

Lives and works in Vancouver, BC

Justine Crawford is a half-Chinese artist and illustrator born and based in Vancouver, BC. Using a bold, minimalistic, and highly graphical style, she aims to connect to her heritage and culture, often drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese art and symbolism. Her work explores themes of identity, diaspora, and emotional growth.  

Justine works in a variety of mediums and formats, ranging from digital illustrations and comics, to acrylic paintings and ink drawings, to tattoos. She primarily uses short-form comics as a form of routine catharsis; they are somewhat of a diary and a release. Justine enjoys capturing larger themes, questions, and (often heavy) feelings in a simple, whimsical, and cheeky fashion. In her paintings, Justine regularly focuses on her relationship to her Chinese culture. She is particularly interested in incorporating traditional themes and iconography in a modern manner. Justine aims to visually communicate in a concise and welcoming way.