The Art Shop

(b. 1993, Winnipeg, Manitoba)

Lives and works in Vancouver, BC

Kalvin’s practice involves rearranging varying patterns on a canvas surface to reflect changes and shifts in time. Using techniques that are considered unconventional in the tradition of painting such as dyeing, sewing, and perforating the canvas surface, Kalvin’s process brings attention to the physical crafting of his work. By repeating actions in the construction of each painting - from investigating colors in the dyeing of the material, to sewing and cutting random patterns – Kalvin’s work depicts the tension between deliberate repetitive actions and the incidental harmony in the arrangement of the patterns on the canvas. 

Recently, Kalvin has been interested in creating paintings with patterns that mimic layered graffiti on street walls. His interest in graffities that are inevitably painted over has led Kalvin to investigate new ways of understanding and expressing what is imperfect and temporary. To understand the value imperfection, Kalvin has found inspiration from the Japanese world-view ‘Wabi-Sabi’ which is an aesthetic based on the acceptance of imperfection, impermanence and incompletion.

Kalvin’s recent work depicts his understanding and appreciation of change and imperfection through the discoloration of the material, the visible creases, and the gestural marks that create a layering sense of depth. His work aims to piece together both a deep understanding of the world and an undeniable appreciation of beauty.