(B. Monterrey, Mexico) Lives and works in Port Moody, BC

Angie Quintanilla (keen-tah-knee-yah) Coates is an artist from Monterrey, Mexico, based in Port Moody, BC. Angie is known for her use of vibrant colours and her unwavering sense of optimism.

In her most recent body of work, she explores the contrast between the order, predictability and simplicity of geometric shapes versus the intricate complexity of nature, drawing inspiration from her rich Mexican heritage and the breathtaking Canadian landscapes.

Throughout her artistic journey, Angie has created a unique style that resonates with audiences worldwide, receiving commissions from brands like Warby Parker, M&M’s, McDonalds, The United Nations, The New York Times and Doc Marten’s.

Her commitment to sustainability drives her to incorporate eco-friendly practices into her creative process whenever possible. As a self-taught artist, Angie deeply appreciates the opportunity to pursue her artistic journey and invites viewers to join her in celebrating the profound connection between artistic expression and joy.