(b.1988, Victoria BC ) Lives and works in Vancouver, BC

David Ullock is a multi-disciplinary artist whose artistic practice ranges from sculpture to painting. Exploring diverse ways in which aspects of his artworks connect to one another, David's art practice is based on intuition and experimentation. In his sculpture, the materiality of reclaimed wood guides David in the construction and the creation of abstract forms. Curved and soft edges interact with hard straight lines, connecting planes to each other in multiple angles. The undulating waves, bends, and turns of the sculptures resemble shapes in nature, allowing the viewer to relate to David's work through a recognition of what looks familiar yet is, in and of itself, a unique entity. Experimenting with colour and the application of paint, David creates gradients and textures that resemble shadows and light. Together, the colours, shapes and forms allow the sculpture to be viewed from any and all angles - producing multiple artworks within one.

Available Artworks