March 19 - 29, 2021
698 West 16th Ave

I IN PAINT aims to highlight a discourse for a fuller integration of marginalized gender identities within the art and business worlds. Including the work of local artists and makers who identify as women, women of colour, non-binary, and women with disabilities – I IN PAINT aims to promote inclusivity in opposing patriarchal norms.

Historically and still to date, the artworld has largely been known and promoted as a ‘boy’s club’ - from gallery representation, to museum shows, to auction prices and collection displays, there is a clear systemic and structural issue that provides male artists more value. 

I IN PAINT aims to address undeniable disparities for marginalized gender identities in a humble way by giving local creatives a platform to promote their work. Shining a spotlight on local female entrepreneurs, I IN PAINT also showcases the work of small businesses who were founded by women. 

Recognizing the fluidity of gender, I IN PAINT is a small-scale participant in reclaiming the assumption of the male-only canon of art and business. Curated as a framework of accomplished and talented local painters and entrepreneurs, I IN PAINT highlights a need for the presentation of artists and brands from any and all communities. 

I IN PAINT hopes to spark a conversation and inspire engagement, realizing there is still much work to be done until we reach equality in visibility and representation in the art and business worlds.


Participating artists