April 1-11, 2022
Xalapa, Mexico - Centro Recreativo Xalapeño

TAS presents Pop Up n.6: LA MONARCA, a temporary exhibition of emerging artists from Xalapa, Mexico and Vancouver, Canada which aims to promote a confluence and dialog between rising visual artists between both countries.

Taking inspiration from the trajectory of the butterflies that complete their cycles between the two countries year after year, and observing a connection that overcomes distances and borders, it is difficult to distinguish the origin of the artworks that form part of La Monarch. Each participating artist has their own conceptual exploration and visual language in their work, but as a whole, the works flow with each other and point to the ideal of art being a bridge of relation and communication through different cultures.

participating artists

Isabelle Grue Lee
Wendy Hanlon
Nano Murata
Emiko Venlet

Honorary Local Guest Artists:

Sebastian Fund
Elisa Malo
Pablo Muñoz
Sergio Vara Noriega


A public and casual conversation with three emerging Mexican artists where we talked about personal experiences, the journey of an artist, the art market, and what it means to call yourself an artist.

Artists from left to right:
Pablo Muñoz, Sergio Vara Noriega, Sebastian Fund