July 3rd, 2021 - August 1st, 2021
Museum of Vancouver 

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We are so excited to present our first official collaboration with a local institution like the MOV! Presenting the work of 23 local emerging artists and products from 5 different local collaborators, we took over the MOV's gift shop as our exhibition space for a month. Pop Up n.4 aimed to highlight our mission of presenting accessible, attainable and relatable art to a wider public and the people of Vancouver.


Aaron Moran | Alison Fast | Amelia Earhart | Ben Evely | David Ullock | Erin Harrison | Jen Klukas | Justine Crawford | Kalvin Valko | Katherine Duclos | Katy Biele | Lillian Fong Hoon | Lydia Cecilia | Matt Hanns | Miya Kosowick | Nano Murata | Natalie Reynolds | Rachael Ashe | River Miller | Sarah Green | Susan Jesoop | Tereza Tacic | Wendy Hanlon