TAS Pop ups are temporary exhibitions of local emerging artists that take place in different locations and areas of Vancouver, with the aim of bringing art to the people to experience in an accessible and inviting way. Each pop up showcases the work of different artists, some are TAS Artists, and others are honorary guests. TAS selects the artists for each pop up depending on the curatorial theme of the show, presenting the idea to the artists who then create new work or show previous artworks that align with the curation. The curatorial underpinning hopes to be an accessible entry point for those interested in art but who find its presentation to be too pretentious or intimidating, presenting themes that are relatable and allowing the voice of the artist to be the front and center of the exhibition.

Pop up N.1

art to the people

August 2020

Showcasing the work of local emerging artists,TAS: Art to the People was the first of a series of Pop Ups around Vancouver by The Art Shop.

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Pop up N.2

Wood Paper Scissors

October 2020

Wood, Paper, Scissors: Raw Materials in Art, aimed to demonstrate and facilitate an approach to viewing and understanding contemporary art starting from its materiality.

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Pop up N.3

I in Paint

March 2021

I IN PAINT aimed to highlight a discourse for a fuller integration of marginalized gender identities within the art and business worlds. Including the work of local artists and makers who identify as women, women of colour, non-binary, and women with disabilities – I IN PAINT promoted inclusivity in opposing patriarchal norms.

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Pop Up N.4


JULY 2021

Presenting the work of 23 local emerging artists and products from 5 different local collaborators, TAS took over the Museum of Vancouver's gift shop as our exhibition space.

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Pop up N.5

Mixed Gems

October 2021

Consciously or unconsciously, creating art can be impacted by the artist’s surroundings and their personal and cultural experience. In a multicultural city like Vancouver, most people are influenced by their background; symbolism, language and tradition drawn from diverse personal histories.

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April 2022

TAS presents Pop Up n.6: LA MONARCA, a temporary exhibition of emerging artists from Xalapa, Mexico and Vancouver, Canada which aims to promote a confluence and dialog between rising visual artists between both countries.

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