Oct 23,2020 - Nov 18, 2020 
879 E Hastings Street, Vancouver, BC, V6A 3YICanada

TAS presents its second Pop Up exhibition of local emerging artists in Vancouver. Wood, Paper, Scissors: Raw Materials in Art, aims to demonstrate and facilitate an approach to viewing and understanding contemporary art starting from its materiality. Exhibiting artists whose artistic process includes the use of what could be perceived as uncommon materials, the exhibition illustrates the immense possible definitions of what constitutes a work of art.

The participating artists work with materials of strong and natural qualities; from repurposed wood, to hand dyed fabrics, to paper cutting and collage. Transforming what was once its own raw entity into a work of art – the artists reconsider, repurpose, and redefine how art can differ from the traditional paint on canvas. The physical and technical aspects become the focus, allowing an access point for the viewer to recognize and relate to the artworks.

Participating Artists

Rachael Ashe
Lydia Cecilia
Ben Evely
Susan Jessop
Aaron Moran
David Ullock
Kalvin Valko