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Katy Biele
(b. Temuco, Chile, 1986/ lives and works in Vancouver)

Katy Biele’s visual language explores a variety of mediums and colors to create imaginary and intuitive worlds, communicating between paint, fiber, and installations.

Katy’s fiber work is explored with freedom, aiming to create contemporary embroidery textures by playing with Latin-American colors and styles amidst a dark background.

In her paintings, Katy works primarily on faces and figures, inspired on a parallel reality of imaginary people and vague memories of those she may have once met.  Katy’s paintings are composed of simple lines, flowing ink and watercolors, and at times bold blocks of color with the aim to summon happiness into a room.

In her mixed media work, Katy combines both embroidery and painting techniques to create a unique conversation with the two styles living together as abstract landscapes and floating gardens.