The Art Shop

(b.1986, Burnaby, BC)
Lives and works in the Fraser Valley, BC

Aaron’s work reactivates discarded materials and deserted spaces. He is interested in what happens to building materials, household objects, and natural vegetation once they have been discarded. He spends a lot of time walking through suburban neighbourhoods, drawing inspiration from nature, architecture, and fenced-off spaces destined for future development. Abandoned houses and demolished buildings are used as backdrops for his photographs of site-specific works, and sources for the reclaimed wood used in his assemblages. 

Aaron’s works utilizes organization, repetition, and stacking to create visually engaging pieces from materials that most would consider to be garbage. Aaron’s assemblages and in-situ sculptures use colour, texture, and shape in the same way a painter composes an image. Given the nature of the reclaimed materials, the difference lies in his use of found colours, and found textures. 

In his assemblages, the age, wear-and-tear, and patina of the reclaimed wood speak to the discarded nature of the materials being used, and his interest in reusing what is thrown away.  In his outdoor installations, stacking and public arrangements use the visual language of public-sculpture but by using discarded debris and temporary compositions (none of the materials are secured together), the pieces feel less monumental, and more like a moment in time. Whether composed of wood, bricks, household objects, or natural vegetation, the pieces encourage a re-examination of what is considered waste, and our relationships with these objects and environments.