(b. Edmonton, Alberta) Lives and works in Vancouver, BC

Natalie’s relationship to painting is a cathartic exercise of self-expression – painting intuitively without any preliminary plans, every brushstroke comes impulsively from her memories, feelings, and thoughts. As every identity is formed by past and present experiences, Natalie’s artwork is a reflection of where she comes from and who she is today. Although Natalie’s work is informed by personal experiences, her work reflects a narrative shared by most. The hurried brushstrokes, bright contrasting colors and abstract shapes create a relatable energy of joy amidst chaos, of moments of darkness and the importance of what is bright, and the need we all have to express our most internal and private selves. Growing up surrounded by woodland and close to a zoo, where on occasion birds and smaller animals would escape into Natalie’s yard and the calls of animals interrupted her daily life, Natalie’s fantastical upbringing is reflected in the hints at creatures, figures and hidden treasures in her paintings. Often the colorful objects come in stark contrast with dark colors, creating an obvious juxtaposition which Natalie sees as an expression of her personal experience with anxiety, body-image and negative emotions. The visual contrast becomes a metaphor between the playful and joyful with the chaotic and disorderly, evoking a need that is familiar to most: to balance what is negative with what is positive.

Available Artworks

Le Maine BleueLe Maine Bleue

Le Maine Bleue

$140.00 CAD


$140.00 CAD
Solar PalmSolar Palm

Solar Palm

$140.00 CAD
Night FlowerNight Flower

Night Flower

$375.00 CAD
Magnetic SkyMagnetic Sky

Magnetic Sky

$400.00 CAD
Melange 1Melange 1

Melange 1

$475.00 CAD
Ariadne's GardenAriadne's Garden

Ariadne's Garden

$475.00 CAD
Dambulla DuskDambulla Dusk

Dambulla Dusk

$475.00 CAD


$475.00 CAD
Up in the EtherUp in the Ether

Up in the Ether

$575.00 CAD
Into the BlueInto the Blue

Into the Blue

$675.00 CAD
Stepping OutStepping Out

Stepping Out

$675.00 CAD
Smiley's FanfareSmiley's Fanfare

Smiley's Fanfare

$675.00 CAD
Love From AfarLove From Afar

Love From Afar

$850.00 CAD
Forbidden PathForbidden Path

Forbidden Path

$1,300.00 CAD
Primordial DuskPrimordial Dusk

Primordial Dusk

$2,400.00 CAD