(b. Sevilla, Spain) Lives and works in Vancouver, BC

Lydia Cecilia was born in Sevilla, Spain and currently lives in Vancouver, the city Lydia believes has allowed her to find herself as an artist. Having had a previous career in Physics, Lydia is a self-taught artist whose path led her from the study of Plasma Physics to a unique artistic expression through collage. Her attraction to collage comes from its infinite possibilities; the freedom that comes from deconstructing and recreating images in her own way has allowed Lydia to explore new worlds and realities through disorder and even chance. Lydia sees her artistic process as a way to search and create her own identity, finding through collage the opportunity to express her ideas on contemporary issues including gender, identity and sexuality. Attempting to break social hierarchies and limitations found in mainstream images, Lydia reconstructs fragments of an endless source of imagery to express the complexity of all identities. As a visual artist, Lydia believes in the power of images to build and transform our society. Her work aims to transcend ideas of gender roles, masculinity and femininity to represent a more inclusive world.